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If you’re serious about skincare, IV infusion therapy could help take your routine to the next level. Our services are designed to deliver boosts of skin-loving vitamins and nutrients right into your bloodstream. The result is a glow from within you can see right away. Along these lines, a great benefit of all our IV infusion therapies is an increase in hydration, which is a building block of healthy skin. Here, learn more about how The DRIPBaR can support your skincare regiment.

IV Infusion Therapies

We got our name from the IV drips we offer. IVs are a well-established treatment in hospitals and doctor’s offices to provide quick hydration as well as potent medications. We use the same technology to deliver services intended to enhance your wellness – including skincare.

The DRIPBaR offers numerous drips that are especially effective when it comes to your skin, for instance:

  • The Time Machine: This drip is designed to pull out heavy metals and toxins while flooding your body with vitamins and nutraceuticals that support healthy skin. Of course, these benefits go beyond great skin – it’s also intended to boost brain health, organ health, and artery health.
  • Firm: This infusion contains high doses of vitamin C, antioxidants including B vitamins, and biotin. The goal is to neutralize free radicals, improve skin tone, and stop damage to collagen.

The experience of getting an IV drip is similar to a spa experience. We make you comfortable throughout the whole process, and many of our clients consider their DRIPBaR appointments valuable me time.

IM Quick Shots

Longing to see a real difference in your skin but don’t have time to come in for a full IV drip? Consider an IM Quick Shot. These intramuscular injections are similar to a flu shot. They take just seconds to deliver but can provide you with excellent results. We offer IM Quick Shots to help with everything from immune support to increased energy, and of course, skincare.

For example:

  • IM Glowing: Whether you have a special event coming up or simply want to look your best, IM Glowing can help you achieve great results with a proprietary collagen supporting, free radical reducing blend of ingredients.
  • IM Detoxed: Heavy metals, pesticides, and organic pollutants all contribute to the free radicals that assault our skin and health every day. IM Detoxed aims to help counteract this damage.

When you visit The DRIPBaR for the first time, tell us about your skincare goals, and we’ll recommend a custom program we’ll tailor to you and your unique needs.

Contact The DRIPBaR today to learn more about IV infusion therapy and how it works.

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