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Taking the Lead in an Emerging Industry

Welcome to The DRIPBaR Buford, where we are focused on helping people obtain their best health using advances in IV therapies. From athletes to busy parents and everyone in between, our Buford Village IV drip bar has a therapy that may give you a leg up on life. 

Our Energy lifestyle drips are designed to give your body the nutrients it needs to power you through the day. If you’re seeking anti-aging benefits, we’ve got a few drips that may help minimize the signs of aging. And for those with chronic pain or other illnesses, our IV Health Support drips may give your body the fuel it needs to heal.

Our Buford Village IV drip bar is not your ordinary drip bar. Our services are designed for every lifestyle and every body. In addition to our IV drips, we offer IM shots for a quick boost of nutrients for those on the go. Looking to take your physical and mental health routine to the next level? We offer additional services, such as HydraFacials and Infrared Saunas, which will complement our drips and deliver maximum benefits.

Discover the power of IV therapy for faster recovery and optimal wellness! Call us (770) 726-8721 at or schedule an appointment today for IV drip therapy in Buford Village!

A Healthier You Starts Here

The DRIPBaR Buford is ready to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Our Drip Concierges will take the time to learn about you and what you are looking for and then walk you through some of our drips and treatments to help you understand how we can help. 

All our drips are administered by Drip Specialists who are RNs, and our spa-like drip bar is always safe, clean, and sanitary. We set the standard in IV therapy in Buford Village, so today is the day to take your health and wellness to the next level. 

IV Drip Therapy Tailored to You

Our goal at The DRIPBaR Buford is to prioritize your health and wellness through personalized IV care. Our team of drip specialists take an innovative and individualized approach to all your IV drip solutions, so we can ensure maximum optimal function. We recognize that everyone has their own set of distinct health and nutrition needs, which is why we offer a diverse selection of customized IV therapies to cater to your unique lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking to boost energy levels, support immune function, or work towards specific health goals, our IV drip bar has got you covered! Our IV clinic stands apart from the competition by making all IV drips fresh in-house, every time. Unlike other IV therapy companies that rely on premixed IV solutions, this exclusive practice guarantees maximum potency and effectiveness of each drip. You can always trust us for the highest quality IV drips possible!

Experience the benefits of personalized IV drips! Dial (770) 726-8721 or schedule an appointment and visit our IV drip bar near you today! 

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