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What to Expect from Our DRIPBaR Franchise

When you join The DRIPBaR franchise family, you’ll be supported by an experienced team of professionals who will always have your back. But your earning potential will ultimately be up to you and the work you put into your drip bar. You’ll be provided with the training and tools you need to build a thriving business. 

The DRIPBaR offers multiple revenue streams – and multiple opportunities to appeal to various demographics in your community.  Since our services are designed for just about every lifestyle, your earning potential is limitless.  We also offer membership options to help you build relationships with your clients and recurring business for your drip bar.

If you’re ready to get started with our IV therapy franchise, we welcome you to take the first step today and reach out to our team!


Our Five Pillars of Revenue target different consumers to diversify your earning potential.


Health Support Drips

IM Quick Shots

Oral Supplements

Additional Services


Whether they are young athletes, busy parents, or someone struggling with chronic illness, The DRIPBaR offers drips, shots, and specialized services that can help just about anyone improve their health and wellness. Our five revenue streams include the following: 

  • Lifestyle Drips – Our four focuses include Energy, Restoration, Anti-Aging, and Immunity. These drips are popular with men and women ages 25 and over who make $75K+. These drips are great for young professionals looking to increase their energy, busy parents wanting to boost their immunity, and people who might overindulge on the weekend and need help with their recovery. 
  • Health Services Drips – These drips are marketed more towards people ages 45 and up. Clients are often retirees who have more income, are educated, and are looking to invest in their health and prevent future problems. These drips can supplement cancer treatments and may aid those with Alzheimer’s and chronic illnesses. 
  • IM Quick Shots – Part of the IV therapy experience is relaxing and unwinding while the IV flushes your body with nutrients. However, some clients are looking to quickly get in and out. Our IM shots are great for those with busy lifestyles, like corporate professionals or parents, who don’t have time for a drip but are looking for many of the same benefits.  
  • Oral Supplements – The DRIPBaR can help our clients maintain their health and wellness and complement their IV drips and shots with oral supplements. 
  • Additional Services– We offer specialized services that can supplement our IV drips and IM shots. These give the owners the option to add additional services that can be done simultaneously with IV drips. These services also target those who may not be comfortable with needles but still want to support their health. 

There are endless opportunities for owners to grow their businesses and reach new clients. With membership options and special perks, your clients will have additional incentives to come back – and bring their friends. 

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