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The DRIPBaR Gahanna - New Albany

IV Vitamin Therapy in Columbus, OH

Revitalize with IV Drips Near Columbus 

Welcome to The DRIPBaR Gahanna – New Albany, conveniently located near Columbus, Ohio. Our primary mission is to help you achieve optimal wellness with our personalized IV vitamin therapies and IM shots

We provide a comprehensive range of IV vitamin drips, each designed to address specific health goals such as enhancing energy levels, improving hydration, alleviating cold symptoms, and mitigating allergy discomfort. For those facing more complex health conditions—ranging from cancer and post-treatment side effects to Alzheimer’s and autoimmune deficiencies—we offer specialized IV Health Support Drips.

Why IV Vitamin Drips Are the Fast-Track to Optimal Wellness 

Oral supplements are a convenient and widely used method for enhancing wellness. However, their effectiveness can be compromised by the digestive process, which limits nutrient absorption. IV vitamin and hydration therapy takes a different approach by bypassing the digestive system entirely, offering a potent solution for immediate nutrient delivery.

With IV drips, you’re getting a direct infusion of essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients right into your bloodstream. This ensures 100% absorption, making IV vitamin and hydration therapy a quick and efficient option for those looking to optimize their health. Whether you’re combating fatigue or just seeking a wellness boost, IV drips offer a fast and effective alternative to oral supplements.

Revitalize Your Body and Skin with Our Halotherapy, Red Light Therapy, and More! 

Alongside our IV drips and IM shots, we offer a comprehensive suite of complementary therapies designed to enhance your well-being. This includes Halotherapy, Red Light Therapy, and access to an Infrared Sauna, among other services.

Halotherapy, which involves the use of micro-sized salt particles, helps enhance respiratory and skin health. Red Light Therapy employs therapeutic light to promote skin health and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Using an Infrared Sauna may provide benefits such as improving blood circulation, aiding in detoxification, and potentially reducing muscle soreness and joint stiffness. 

Elevate Your Health at The DRIPBaR Near Columbus 

At The DRIPBaR Gahanna-New Albany, Ohio, we stand at the forefront of the IV vitamin therapy realm, pioneering wellness enhancement through intravenous treatments. Our facility offers an opulent ambiance reminiscent of a spa, allowing you to unwind and discover tranquility while our IV drips perform their transformative effects. By employing advanced treatments and fostering a serene environment, we surpass conventional methods such as diet and exercise. This ensures optimal absorption of nutrients and revitalization for both your body and mind.

Our team of Drip Specialists, comprising registered nurses (RNs) and nurse practitioners (NPs), curate tailor-made drips designed to align with your specific requirements. Crafting personalized drips enables us to deliver the highest standard of care, guaranteeing that you receive the vital vitamins and nutrients your body demands.

For those in search of consistent IV vitamin therapy, our membership program offers cost-saving benefits in exchange for regular appointments. Drop by our IV drip bar today to experience the difference. Visit us in Gahanna-New Albany, conveniently located near Columbus, OH and explore the pivotal role IV drips can play in your wellness regimen!


If you’re coming to our location from Gahanna: 

  1. Head south on S Hamilton Rd toward Lincolnshire Rd.
  2. Continue on S Hamilton Rd for approximately 1.5 miles.
  3. Turn left onto Morrison Rd., then turn right onto N Hamilton Rd.
  4. Continue on N Hamilton Rd for approximately 0.7 miles.
  5. The DRIPBaR will be on the right. 

If you’re coming to our location from New Albany: 

  1. Head east on OH-605 E/Johnstown Rd toward New Albany-Condit Rd.
  2. Continue on OH-605 E for approximately 3.5 miles.
  3. Turn right onto Morse Rd., then turn left onto N Hamilton Rd.
  4. Continue on N Hamilton Rd for approximately 1.4 miles.
  5. The DRIPBaR will be on your right.

If you’re coming to our location from Columbus: 

  1. Start by heading east on I-70 E from Columbus.
  2. Take exit 107B to merge onto I-270 N toward Cleveland.
  3. Continue on I-270 N for approximately 5 miles.
  4. Take exit 35 for Hamilton Road.
  5. Keep left at the fork and follow signs for Hamilton Road N.
  6. Merge onto N Hamilton Rd.
  7. Continue on N Hamilton Rd for approximately 2.5 miles.
  8. You will reach your destination will be on your right.

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