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IV Lifestyle Drips in
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Give Your Body the Boost it Needs

Your body is your best ally and your greatest asset. It’s doing its best to keep you healthy and well as it wards off threats to your health both inside and out. It takes an ongoing, deliberate effort to maintain your body and keep your health in good condition – getting enough rest, exercising regularly, and eating right. It’s a tricky balance to do all at once, and sometimes even they aren’t enough. Your body can only do so much, and so can you.

That’s why our IV therapy specialists in Las Vegas, NV are here to give you the extra boost you need to keep your health in working order. We have IV drip therapy solutions in our clinic in Cameron Corner to give your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs to do its job. Went a little too crazy at the blackjack table last night? Our energy drips will give you a second wind. Starting to feel aches and pains that remind you you’re not in your 20’s anymore? Our anti-aging drips will have you feeling younger for longer. Worried about flu season around the corner? Our IV health support drips will stop the flu dead in its tracks.

If you need IV therapy in Cameron Corner, Las Vegas, call (702) 846-0851 to learn how we can help you.



Most drips go for between $150-500. We don’t accept insurance, but you can potentially use your HSA or FSA to pay for your drip. We are happy to provide you with the documentation you need to put a claim in to your insurance company for reimbursement.


The DRIPBaR has IV lifestyle and wellness drips for health solutions great and small. Among them, they can:

  • Cover vitamin deficiencies: supply your body with whatever vitamins and minerals its lacking for optimal health
  • Ease hangover symptoms: get you back to feeling functional when you have a little bit too much fun
  • Boost your energy levels: keep you on your A-game when you’ve been on he grind for too-long
  • Support your immune system: give your body ammunition to stave off illness and diseases

Call (702) 297-6601 or schedule an appointment online and get an IV Drip to treat your body right!

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