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Make IV Drips Part of Your Wellness Routine

Looking to maximize the results of our IV drips and IM shots? Incorporating our services into your health and wellness routine is the best way to truly experience all the benefits. The DRIPBaR offers flexible monthly CellVie memberships with perks and discounted pricing on some of your favorite IV drips and IM shots. 

The CellVie Membership has two tiers with an add-on option:

  • Maintain – This membership includes one drip per month at 20% off the regular drip price.
  • Improve – This membership includes two drips per month at 25% off the regular drip price.

Enhance can be added to either membership. With it you gain access to our additional services. Services vary per location, please find your local DRIPBaR to explore the specific services offered. 

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