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A Rejuvenating Approach to Preventative Wellness

If you’re ready to take your wellness to a whole new level, you’ve come to the right place. At The DRIPBaR Mt. Pleasant, we help you obtain your best health yet. Our Mt. Pleasant IV drip bar offers IV Lifestyle drips, IV Health Support drips, IM Shots, and more. Whether you are an athlete who could benefit from more energy or a busy parent looking to stay healthy, our IV therapies are designed for every lifestyle. 

IV vitamin therapy is the best way to deliver nutrients throughout your body, as they are delivered directly into your bloodstream so that you can experience the benefits faster. 

A Better You Begins Today

Our Mt. Pleasant IV drip bar is locally owned and operated and we are excited to be part of an emerging industry. We are more than a hydration station and believe that health is a lifestyle and wellness starts at the cellular level. Using advances in intravenous therapies, we give bodies the boosts of vitamins and nutrients needed to perform their best. At The DRIPBaR Mt. Pleasant, our Drip Specialists are trained RNs. 

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