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The DRIPBaR Northville

The DRIPBaR Northville


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IV Vitamin Therapy in Northville

Boost Your Health with IV Drips

We’re excited to welcome you to The DRIPBaR Northville. Our goal is to support you on your journey to achieve optimal wellness with our personalized IV therapies and IM quick shots

We boast a skilled team of registered nurses who are trained to use medical-grade equipment, high-quality ingredients, and practices to provide an exceptional experience for each client. We offer a variety of IV services, including anti-aging, energy-boosting, immune support, and recovery IV drips.

Additionally, we offer IV drips tailored to meet your specific needs, such as IV health support drips for those experiencing illnesses like cancer, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune deficiencies, and other health issues.

Book an appointment online or call (734) 259-4141 today to learn more about our IV therapy, wellness programs, and other services!

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