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Take a Proactive Approach to Life

Whether you’re raising a family, running a business, or simply living life to its fullest, there’s little room for downtime. However, things don’t always go as planned. Life can throw curveballs and you can be sidelined by illness, injury, or just sheer exhaustion. You’ve probably heard a lot of the same advice over the years: drink plenty of water, get six to eight hours of sleep, exercise, and eat your vegetables. All of the above is good advice – we’d even say great, important advice. Yet sometimes you need a little something extra to help you stay at the top of your game.  

Immunity IV drips are preventative and proactive drips that are designed to shield you from illnesses that might otherwise stick around. Being present and engaged in all of life’s activities requires foresight and regular immunity IV drips are a great proactive approach to remaining healthy. Though they are not a catch-all, they can act as an additional layer of protection that may help minimize or even prevent some illnesses from knocking you off track. Why wait to take corrective action when you can potentially prevent health problems before they even begin? 


Make the first move and protect yourself from illness. Find your local DRIPBaR today to schedule an appointment!


Your immune system is the primary defense – your shield – against infection and illnesses like colds or the flu, yet sometimes these stubborn illnesses can still sneak by this guardrail. The best way to keep infections at bay is by providing your immune system with the support it needs. Many common illnesses, such as head colds, sinus infections, and bronchitis, are infections caused by viruses.  

When you begin to feel the early signs of an illness, or if you believe you’ve been exposed to a virus, we recommend taking a proactive approach and trying one of The DRIPBaR’s immunity IV drips. These drips are designed to help strengthen your immune system so that it can better fight off infections.  

Travel Without Worry

Traveling by plane, train, or another form of mass transportation is practically inviting germs and illnesses to invade your immune system. There are so many areas in airports, planes, train stations, and other public spaces where germs are lingering and just waiting to find someone to infect. And that’s not even taking into consideration all the people you may encounter who might have been contagious.

The DRIPBaR’s immunity IV drips will give you the peace of mind you deserve when you travel. They are designed to provide high levels of antioxidants and hydration throughout your trip. Traveling can be stressful for a number of reasons but getting sick doesn’t have to – and shouldn’t – be one of them.

Our immunity IV drips may also minimize allergies, protect you from infection during surgery, and help you recover post-operation. Your health is in your hands, so take charge and make the first move.   

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